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What your garden statues symbolize

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What your garden statues symbolize

There are a lot of statues that are scattering in your gardens, but what are their meanings? Have you ever noticed that statues figures are actually have their individual meanings? Statues had been one of the oldest form of art, it is used to decorate, to honor, and also to protect. Since ancient times, due to paganism, shapes of statues had been believed to have their own meanings that the house’s owner decided to put the figure before his door.

Animals statues are the most popular type of statues of all since it can either be powerful or welcoming. Lion are the symbol of pride and authority, but in the same time, putting lion on your doorstep will give you security and also sunny warmth for lion is mostly associated with the light of blazing sun. Dogs are also popular because they’re loyal and trustworty, welcoming the guests who might be dog lover too; they’re giving you insurance and warm welcome. Wolfs are the symbol of leadership and protection; they’re also graceful and sometimes even merciful although they seem fearful. Eagles are also protective and keen; these birds are very loyal and wise, they might be the eldest fighter too. Serpents, although mostly considered as the symbol of sin, are actually the symbol of service, wiseness, and negotiation; this is very famous as being introduced to be the ring of the rod Caduceus of Hermes, the Greek God. Goats are the symbol of hard work and tenaciousity, and there are a lot more symbolization of animals.

In humane shapes or other figures, symbolization might be a little narrower than animals since paganism is very old and this belief tends to be mixed with other understanding such as Christianity et cetera that makes the symbolization might be ambiguous or irrelevant. Equestrian or horseman usually symbolize power, loyalty, bravery, and altruisticsm; this is very popular among other humane shapes, there are a lot of equestrian statues in public places such as park, resident gates, et cetera. Angels may also be as a statue; mostly they resemble love, kindness, and protection as well as charity and chastity.

In more traditional places, statues might have different type of figures and meanings. In Indonesia, mostly in Java and Bali, for example, instead of angels, you might find sculpture of Apsara or which is in local language called ‘Bidadari’. Apsara is a celestial maiden that is believed to be sent by God to earth to deliver great power for those who may practice it; these practician is believed to be having more powerful strength rather than God. You will also find a lion-like statues or big head with long tongue in gates; those are Barong and Leak from famous Balinese folklore that symbolize the good and evil.

Each country of course has their own depicting of figure symbolism. Japanese has the statue of Kin to symbolize the spirit of education, picturing an edo boy reading book; and a lot of guardian Gods. Chinese are also popular especially with their dragon statues, the traditional Chinese mythical animal. The diversity of this is what makes the world unites in artistic interest.



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